Three Coats || R.W. Alderson

The life of Joseph, Jacob’s eleventh son, gives us insight into the journey a believer takes to find the victorious life in Christ. It is best demonstrated by Joseph’s three coats or garments. These three coats represent three different critical times in the life of a believer in his pursuit of getting to know God […]

Service in the Kingdom || R.W. Alderson

In short, Jesus was giving them (and by extension, you and I) the definition of greatness in the kingdom of heaven and the characteristics of those who would be first. Both revolve around two Greek words, diakonos and doulos. Greatness centers itself around diakonos which is translated servant, minister, or deacon. Its root refers to “waiting on tables” and then […]

Learning To Wait || R.W. Alderson

Upon being declared King of Israel, Solomon recognized he needed more wisdom, namely, an understanding heart to judge God’s people, and God gave him that wisdom as well as untold riches and long life (1 Kings 3:9-14). God had given him everything he wanted without waiting for it. This began his pursuit to find meaning […]